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I’m a plus size style aficionado, midcentury décor and architecture nerd, and content creator based in Tucson, Arizona (USA). For 4 years I have used social media to empower folks to express themselves with style and fashion. Lately, I have begun to share my historic midcentury ranch home restoration process.

My approach to sharing fashion and design is meant to be tangible and consumable, with a little bit of humor!  I don’t believe in style or educational gatekeeping. Everyone has different tastes and budgets. I am always here to help offer different options for size (clothing) or budget (anything). Just ask!

I have an art background. Where are my art school nerds at?!  I take each photo more seriously than maybe I should for a blog. Each photo is directed by me, but my assistant and husband (Kevin) takes the photos. I don’t live that tripod life.

Overall I am super passionate about self expression and historic preservation of decor and architecture. My clothing style is a fresh take on vintage aesthetics. I don’t try to recreate a vintage looks as that would not be exciting to me! But with most looks I reference what is old and combine it with current trends in fashion. Obsessed with color, patterns, and texture. I don’t try to be weird, I just am. If you have issues with that, then take some miralax and talk to your therapist because I don’t know what to tell you or how you got here!

As far as home decor, I believe passionately in preserving whenever possible what is original. When that is not possible, I design for the home’s time period mixed with modern conveniences that herald the general aesthetic and tone of the time period.

I have been featured in multiple places: MTV UK, NPR, InStyle, Teen Vogue, Atomic Ranch, including books. To see a more comprehensive press list, see here.

I’m so happy you are here. I love to meet people with similar interests and share knowledge. I’m found all over the internet hyping up fellow creatives and interesting personalities.

I am available for hire, just reach out. See here for more info.

All the best,

Xo Jamie Hamilton

Hello at Jamie JeTaime dot com

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