Jamie JeTaime Hamilton


I believe in the transformative power of fashion. I believe that all bodies are good bodies and that fashion should be representative of us all.

I was bedridden 2014-2016 with complications from a rare white blood cell disorder and undiagnosed vestibular migraines. While laying bed for two years, I thought about how many times I didn’t put myself out there because I didn’t feel good enough (the way I looked, the way I talked, my grammar, not being a polished enough). I promised myself *if* I did get better put myself out there full front and center. The moment I regained my health I started a blog and Instagram.

As a teen, I would lose myself in editorial images. The fantasy in the images transported me from my rural upbringing and made me think everything was possible. I copied the looks in Vogue and W by using thrifted clothing. High fashion images, of course, historically do not represent me or many people in general.

Visuals are a powerful language that can help transform a culture by transforming how an individual sees oneself. I have a BFA and I studied art formally in South Korea, Croatia and the United States. I have been part of multiple international exhibitions (installation, performance and painting).

Once my health became stable I decided to use my knowledge of art and intersectional feminism to take the task of creating plus size editorial images. With the help of my husband, I chose locations, composition and mood. He has been behind the camera for 2 years.  I post these on Instagram and my blog. Eventually, I want to be behind the camera again and photograph other people.

  • Karina dresses plus size

Karina Dresses: Vintage Flair Without the Wrinkles

February 27th, 2019|

Hi yinz! Anything new? A lot has happened since my last post. For one, I might not be using the word 'yinz' anymore. I am moving to Tucson, Arizona soon! Today I am reviewing Karina dresses. The vintage style dresses are versatile enough to wear in both urban Pittsburgh and in a desert full of Saguaro cacti.  Enjoy!

  • Body Positive Dolls

Body Positive Melinas Dolls: Made to Look Like You

February 12th, 2019|

Hi yinz! This is my second in a series of body positive interviews with people that I feel deserve the spotlight!  The first one with Mary Alice Alexander was so popular I thought I should create more. Should I have a catchy interview series name? Y/N? I vote yes. Enjoy. Last September, I

  • Plus Size Jeans

Royalty for Me Plus Size Affordable Jeans

February 5th, 2019|

Hi yinz! I hope your 2019 is going well! My year has been pretty amazing so far. I thought I'd kick off the new year with some denim looks by Royalty For me, because many of us obsess over the perfect jeans.  Enjoy. **This is a sponsored post.  I only wear what I like, so

  • Talbots Plus Size Style

Talbots: The Place for Classic & Fashion Forward Plus Sizes

December 10th, 2018|

*This post is sponsored by Talbots and Stylinity, but all opinions and stylings are my own. I always provide my honest feedback because your trust is important to me. Three trends featured in this plus size look: Faux fur, turtlenecks and plaid. Hey Everyone! When you hear Talbots mentioned, what comes to mind? I

  • Anna Sui Plus Sizes ModCloth

Anna Sui X ModCloth: Plus Size Designer Dresses!

October 23rd, 2018|

Have yinz heard of the Anna Sui X ModCloth collab? Sizes 0-24. Yes, it includes plus sizes! I just get so psyched when revered designers include plus sizes. This kind of thing used to never happen for us plus sizes! To be honest it made following fashion depressing because I knew I could never participate in

  • ModCloth Plus SIze winter clothes

Plus Size Pattern Mixing Using Plaid & Polka Dots

October 12th, 2018|

Hi yinz! This entry features another plus size fall look. This time pattern mixing of polka dot and plaid. I'm wearing head to toe ModCloth (as stated that I would do in the previous entry). While I am plus size, this is available in sizes XS-4X. I have linked each item and shared how the sizing