Mollie Makes Magazine Issue 131 ‘Tea & Chat:  Carving out your own Niche with Artist and Creative Jamie Hamilton’

FABUPLUS MAGAZINE * Summer 2018 Fashion Dos: Romper (In print only).

Jamie JeTaime Flyover Fest

Flyover Fest

April 27-28 | Iowa City, IA

Join us as we explore what a more equitable, inclusive and representative future should look like through fashion, art, performance and discussion. Engage with amazing authors, editors, artists, and influencers who are interested in making fashion, politics and culture more inclusive and building a better tomorrow.

Jamie JeTaime Olympics

Wavy Alabaster

I learn more about my point of view, within the context of style, by examining other’s interpretation. To continue oxygen flowing to the flame, I asked local friends and those admired from a distance to style a “look” based off of the Winter Olympics. It was a vague, yet central, point of inspiration. The results led to frosty eyes, faux fur, and racing stripes keeping me afloat through the dog days of winter.   

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AND Let’s take it back to one of my favorite things ever:

I was the guest for the season finale of the popular Croatian travel show, Slučajni turist, with comedian Robert Knjaz on RTL Televizija in 2010. We traveled without money to the remote Neretva valley of Croatia to meet with locals. I  had the time of my life: I picked mandarins, placed my hand in a vat of eels, drank slivovica out of a still, and many more shenanigans! The show turned out brilliant!

The trailer:

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