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Vintage Tablecloth & Napkins, but Make It Fashion

Do you remember the pillow dress challenge of quarantine 2020? It was trending to belt a pillow to wear it as a dress. I was going to do that, but while looking for a cool pillow sheet I came across my vintage tablecloth and napkins. I thought, wow this print would make a lovely dress! Only I wanted to still use it as a tablecloth. So this fabric was neither cut nor sewn.

From Tablecloth to Dress

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From Table Setting

We live in a 1954 ranch. I can’t get over how beautiful it is, and it makes me grit my teeth to think of how many people shiplap the eff out of homes like mine. We bought this home for its original features and charm. The rooms that don’t have original features, we add them back. Like our new old pink midcentury inspired bathroom.

As you can see the pea green tablecloth and napkins looks right at home in our midcentury ranch. I love our double fireplace (the other side is in the living room as seen in a previous post) and our diamond window. The sputnik brass light is the only thing that is new. We picked the bougainvillea flowers from our yard in Tucson, Arizona. The pink flower dishes are 1970s Mikasa Eden Pink by Ben Seibel. You can spot some silver Libby glasses that were my maternal grandparents’. The brass and coffee urns are both vintage.

Someone once pointed out my mismatched silverware. Are these the details people pay attention to? Honestly I wasn’t raised with matching utensils, so it beats me!

To Vintage Tablecloth Dress & Mask

I feel like I tricked you. I think you want a pattern for this dress. But what I’m about to tell you will out me as a sham. lol The trick to wearing this tablecloth as a dress is… tuck it in a bra! Literally that’s it! I wore a strapless bra. I also tied multiple napkins together to make a belt. My head is the size of a globe, so I tied a few napkins together for a mask. If you actually want to wear this as a mask, I’d suggest wearing a real one underneath for proper protection.


It’s all in the details.

I think orange and green is one of my favorite vintage color combinations. So I carried the orange out in accessories: The beads details on the bag and the gold in the shoes. I’m carrying a vintage bag, I found thrifting filled with my favorite brand of toilet paper (Scott brand. Fight me, it’s the good stuff!). The shoes are one of my favorite brands, Seychelles shoes.  I also dyed my hair with Overtone hair color in rose gold. Bewitching eye make-up finishes the look.

I also made a tiktok incorporating this theme. Tiktok is where I let it all out. It’s not as serious as here or IG. I feel uncensored and unfettered there. It’s my outlet. Give me a follow.

This whole project turned into an art series. I cannot wait to share with you the other items I have made via the No Sew No Cut method from vintage linens. I created fits from some very unlikely sources. A few of the projects were already posted to Instagram. My new computer means I can finally being to update this blog.


This is short because most everything is vintage and I’m not going to link to my toilet paper or bags of soil. ha!

  • Gold Sputnik Light: We bought this about 1.5 years ago. We were looking for a relatively inexpensive yet period appropriate light for over our dining table. It makes me smile each time I turn the light on. I have since switched out the bulbs for these more period appropriate bulbs. The new bulbs look incredible, but are also dim.
  • Platform Sandals: I wear Seychelles all the time. They have vintage and fashion forward styles, while being comfortable and well made.
  • Overtone Hair Color – Rose Gold. Overtone is the easiest hair dye ever. I’m a believer.

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