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Consultant & Creator: Plus Size Fashion & Midcentury Design

Hello there!

I am available for hire as both a consultant and a creator. I’m obsessed with all vintage and trends. Yes, those two obsessions can and do co-exist. For over 4 years I have worked creating content for brands. My expertise is in both plus size fashion, trendspotting, and midcentury décor and architecture. You can see my media kit for a quick overview of past work experiences.



Press and Features:

I have been featured in multiple places including MTV UK, NPR, InStyle, Teen Vogue, Atomic Ranch, and even books. To see a more comprehensive press list, see here.


  • Previous Clients: Nike, Dr. Martens, Macy’s, Almay, Dove, Crocs, Nooworks, MeUndies and many more. See my media kit for a more comprehensive list.
  •  I have been freelancing as a content creator with success for over 4 years. Prior to that I’ve had many jobs in the arts: from map illustrator, wedding and studio photographer, artist’s assistant at major museums, and working in the English & Film department at university.
  • I’ve had numerous international art shows, mostly featuring multimedia installation art.


Fashion & Decor: What do I do?

Consult: I am available a professional consult for your business or for your personal design questions.

  • Do you want to include plus-sizes to your clothing line? Are you unsure of what people want? Are you concerned with how not to be offensive to your target clientele? Feel free to hire me pick my brain.
  • Do you want my educational advice and/or aesthetic opinions in your midcentury home restoration?

Creative Director:  Do you want me to direct photos for your brand? I can create partial or full usage images for your marketing initiatives.

Content Creator: I can create content for my social media (IG has 50K+ organic followers), my blog, or solely for your marketing.

  • A highlight job was travel to Sweden for a brand to make content above the Arctic circle. My material family is from this Arctic region and I was hired to also share my feelings about connecting the land and culture of my family. I created fashion editorial shots, shared behind the scenes video footage and got the frost bite to prove it!
  • I have an outdoor studio, as well as a midcentury ranch home to take photos in. In addition, I am happy to provide an urban or wild natural landscape to the photos. I am always location scouting.
  • When it is safer to do so, I look forward to traveling again for work. My passport is ready!  I started out as a travel blog as I’ve spent extended time in 21 countries. Some highlight; following a herd of peccary around in the Amazon Rainforest, shopping in markets: Guatemala, Peru, & Thailand were my favorites, hiking with reindeer in northern Sweden, buying homemade Dracula souvenirs in Romania, long train rides in Thailand and Europe, jumping into the freezing Anarctic Humboldt current in Peru with thousands of wild sealions, exploring historic ruins in Croatia, Guatemala, Mexico and more.


Education & Experience:

  • I have directed the restoration (as well as physically worked!) on my two historic homes. One turn of the century Edwardian which we sold to buy our current home Kevin & I are restoring: a midcentury ranch with modernist elements.
  • I am consistently immersed in fashion trends, the art world, vintage 50s-90s fashion and home décor accuracy, interior and exterior architecture. I have a weakness for Hollywood Regency (my favorite!). I love anything from a gaudy Italianate to a Palm Springs modernist to a 70s double wide trailer.

I look forward to creating design magic with you!

All the best,

Jamie Hamilton

Email: hello at Jamie JeTaime dot com

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