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Old Italian Film Star Who Is Into Funeral Chic & White After Labor Day.

I am often asked where I get inspirations for my outfits. Sometimes I create a character in my head. Like I did here: Old Italian film star who is into funeral chic & white after Labor day (it doesn’t have to make sense). I describe how my mind went there after the photos.


Funeral Chic


Funeral Chic


Funeral Chic


Funeral Chic

On Funeral Chic:

I recently read an article about people taking glamorous selfies at funerals and uploading with hashtag #funeralchic on social media. Having had a death of someone very dear to me in August (my brother, J.), I was interested in exploring this. I love other people’s selfies. I love to see what people choose to put out to the world. I also love tackiness. So it is no surprise that I do not find offense to funeral selfies, heck we had family portraits with our cell phone cameras at my grandma’s funeral because the family was together and we were all relatively dressed up. There is a time and a place, and probably selfies at funerals are not the most respectful thing to do, but this is all circumstantial and, admit it, funny.

On White After Labor Day:

I wore this Labor Day weekend and I had received an amazing deal on white platforms ($6). You know how dramatic people can get if you break fashion rules:

Why Old Italian Film Star:

I recently had a DNA test that revealed that I am  Italian somewhere in my genetic line. I was very loosely thinking of the iconic imagery of Italian films.

Get the Look:

Pillbox Hat: Vintage ($3)

Earrings: Handmade by the artist Martha Sturdy (Free: gift)

Handbag: Vintage (Free from my grandma L.)

Sunglasses: ZeroUV  ($8)

Lace Shirt: Bisou Bisou thrifted ($1)

Zip-Up Jumper: Forever 21 Plus ($20)

White Platforms: Qupid purchased from Modcloth ($6)

Knowing you are the village weirdo: priceless



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