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Pared-Down Basics That are Not Boring

Body Positive Style Blog_ Hey folks! I just returned from three weeks traveling in Nicaragua. Fortunately for me, I haven’t had much time to transition out of my summery clothing! I am usually piling on print and color. However, this time I am playing with muted colors and subtle texture. At the moment I am all about stripped down basics with metal frames. Probably because I just left Nicaragua where it is so beautiful, colorful and bright. In contrast, Pittsburgh is known for both its brick industrial decay and gloomy grey days.

There may be affiliate links in this blog posting where I receive a small percentage of what you order. I really appreciate if you use my links because it helps me, help you. 

Overalls and Aviator Metal Frames:

IMG_4169 2While I was in Nicaragua I made an order with Universal Standard Danielle Brooks (LOVE HER!) had a 24 hour window where her Tria collection was available for pre-purchase. It is now completely launched, but I was too excited to wait. You may know Danielle Brooks as her character Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson from Orange is the New Black.

I chose to order her overalls, but everything in the collection looks so wonderful! The Brooks Overalls are advertised as a relaxed fit, so I sized down. I have had many pairs of overalls over the years and these have to be the best fitted ones I have ever worn. UniversalStandardGlasses: Joseph Marc-Observation – M in Gold from Coastal / Tank: Loire Ribbed Tank by Universal Standard / Overalls: The Brooks Overalls by Danielle Brooks X Universal Standard / Shoes: Vintage Florsheim UniversalStandard This photo is from right before my trip, but highlights my new glasses!  The collar is handmade by Melinda Colfield. UniversalStandard

(Faux) Leather Pants with Round Metal Frames:

IMG_4179I also ordered faux leather pants from Universal Standard. I have never thought of myself as a leather pant lady, but I wanted something completely different for me. Sometimes I think the fastest way to get out of a fashion rut is to try something completely new to you. UniversalStandardGlasses: Joseph Marc – Experiment from Coastal / Sheer Top: Thames Fog Top by Universal Standard / Bra:  Wacoal Women’s Halo Underwire Bra / Pants: Potenza Leatherette by Universal Standard / Shoes: Patchwork Places by Poetic Licence / Bag: Vintage UniversalStandardThis is a close up of the glasses. I’m really loving these! I chose to order them with the blue blocking Kodak lenses to help with my migraines from working on the computer and phone. You can read about my vestibular migraines here and hereUniversalStandardYou can also see how I style the Thames Fog top here and my Patchwork Places booties here.

There you have it! Basics do not have to look boring! Have fun with whatever you wear. If you like this, please Pin It and or follow me on social media!

All the best,


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  • Reply Sheila December 8, 2017 at 8:33 am

    Hi Jamie! How do you like the US leatherette leggings? They are on my wish list and I want them desperately! Love the pics!

    • Reply Jamie JeTaime December 11, 2017 at 2:32 pm

      Hi Sheila! I very much so love the leatherette leggings. The are comfortable, but have a very polished look. High quality too! I’d be happy to answer any more questions!

  • Reply Stephanie March 26, 2019 at 6:27 pm

    Finally going for the overalls! Thanks for the inspiration and confidence boost.

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