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Fl-41 Migraine Lenses for Fluorescent Light.

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Fl-41 Migraine Lenses for Fluorescent Light.

Wow, so many of us have difficulties in fluorescent lighting! I received many responses to my post:  Migraines: Steps to Handle Fluorescent Lighting.  I have decided to continue on this topic, because many of us suffer and do not know our options! In this blog entry I review Axon Optics Fl-41 lenses. They are known to many to be beneficial in preventing migraines and sensory issues related to lighting.

To fill you in, when I’m somewhere with fluorescent lighting without special lenses I literally cannot focus on anything around me. Last week I forgot my glasses and went to Trader Joes. I literally bumped into so many people. People around me can’t tell I have vision, dizziness, cognitive, and other issues in certain lighting. It can be quite embarrassing and I try to act like I can see. This results in me bumping into people and knocking product off the shelves. Not fun.

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I wanted to not only try another pair of glasses made to filter fluorescent light, but also to customize a pair of glasses. This is a style blog after all!  I reached out to therapeutic speciality eyeglass company Axon Optics and they agreed to put indoor FL-41 lenses into a pair of my frames in exchange for an honest review.

Migraine glasses

Outside a mall. Ready to shop.


Special lenses for us light-sensitive people! 

Axon Optics has 15 frames and you can choose between indoor and outdoor lenses (prescription and non-prescription). They even have contact lenses. You can also send in your own frames and have Axon Optics put FL-41 lenses in. That’s what I did. I sent in lenses and ordered indoor non-prescription lenses.

I also want  Axon Optics COVER-RX Migraine Glasses for Migraine Relief and Light Sensitivity Relief. They are migraine glasses that can be worn alone or over prescription glasses. That would be convenient because depending on the day I wear contact lenses or prescription glasses. Carrying these in my purse would be very practical in all occasions (though maybe not the most stylish!).

I decided to choose from Coastal.com’s Main and Central frames. I have two pair from this collection already and find them to be the magic combo: high quality and inexpensive ($35!). In addition, I also wanted large frames to potentially filter out more light. You can see how these frames look without migraine lenses in a previous post of mine. Yep, I have two pair of this frame now.

Migraine glasses

Inside the mall. Notice the lighting.


Testing out my special lenses!

I tested my new lenses for a few weeks. In that time I went to a few malls, grocery stores, drug stores and restaurants. They definitely help me spend much more time in stores. My overhead kitchen light bothers me. It is the same type of lightbulb as the rest of the house, but the way the light bounces around the small room affects my vestibular system. I now wear these glasses when I am in the kitchen in the evening. I mention this because I have found these lenses work with more than fluorescent lights.


Migraine glasses

You can see how harsh the lighting is in this store by the photograph. I was able to browse a store in these glasses!



Amazing. They definitely help with the light! I think it’s important to add that I am not completely cured as I  still have sensory issues to the sounds and movement. Because of this I try to limit my time in stores to less busy times of day.  FL-41 lenses allow me to go into stores and my eyes are tremendously less affected.

Migraine lenses


The following is from a previous post, but I thought I’d share again.

Aside from fl-41 lenses, these have helped my migraines: 

*Please research and check in with your doctor(s) and pharmacist before trying anything that is on the following list.

  • For my inner ear vestibular disorder (not my migraines), vestibular rehab therapy helped me tons! If you don’t live in a town with a dizzy clinic, check YouTube for exercises!
  • Feverfew has caused an 80% reduction in migraines for me! A miracle! Of all my supplements this is the one I credit with helping me the most. I found that Solaray was the most helpful, but I typically purchase Nature’s Way Feverfew because it’s cheaper as it comes with more pills. I take one in the morning and sometimes one around dinner time.
  • Antihistamine: I learned that in emergency room migraine concoctions contain antihistamine. With his knowledge,  I decided to try Claritin. It helped a lot and the cheaper version by Members Mark works as well. Some people prefer Benadryl or the Member’s Mark formula for an evening antihistamine.
  • Motion sickness: I occasionally get sick to my stomach with my migraines and I like to take ginger Nature’s Way Ginger Root.  I won’t travel without Dramamine.
  • I take 400 mg Bluebonnet Albion Chelated Buffered Magnesium each night, but most people in my Facebook migraine groups swear by Pure Encapsulations – Magnesium (Glycerinate).
  • I also take Solgar – Vitamin B2.
  • If you are looking to control your migraines with food read up on Heal Your Headache way of eating (helps you identify common migraine trigger foods), Charleston diet for migraines or Ketogenic Neuro diet. These aren’t diets to created to help you lose weight, they are ways of eating to help you neurologically.
  • Check out awesome supportive Facebook groups!


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