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Yinz Bopo – Body Positive Events in Pittsburgh

Yinz Bopo? What the heck does that even mean?

Yinz is a Pittsburghese way of saying Ya’ll. Bopo is short for Body Positive.


I organize body positive meet-ups and events in Pittsburgh. The group is called Yinz Bopo! The events are held at least monthly.

Body Positive Pittsburgh


I passionately believe in body positivity, that every body deserves respect without explanation. I want everyone to stop wasting precious time hating their bodies. I have always dreamed for Pittsburgh to have the body positive events that larger cities have. Instead of traveling to other cities constantly, I decided to help create & nurture our own scene in Pittsburgh. I figured I could use my platform as a body positive style influencer to create change on the local level.

My aim is to cultivate a safe & empowering body positive scene in Pittsburgh for folks of all sizes, skin colors, sexualities, abilities, ages, genders, class backgrounds, country of origin, religious beliefs, etc.

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Photo by Michele Kranik

What type of events?

The future of Yinz Bopo will have events such as dance parties, dinner parties, photo shoots, swim parties, clothing swaps and more! I am open to ideas and sponsors.

So far we have had 3 swim meet-ups. The specifics of these events weren’t announced publicly (details were sent out via newsletter) because I want everyone to feel comfortable in a swimsuit without the large crowd of potential spectators and I didn’t want to overwhelm the public space with too many people. However during the fall and winter months, most events will be announced publicly (depending on space & availability).

The swim meet-ups have been truly amazing! For many people being seen in a swimsuit can cause a lot of anxiety. As a group we can help shed those nerves. After-all everyone that has a body is worthy and all bodies are good bodies. This not only improves the body esteem of members in the group but it is beneficial to the others at the public pool too. Can you imagine witnessing a large group of body positive people of various sizes having fun in a public pool without a hint of body negativity? To see folks care-free in the water without trying to suck it in or feeling the need to contort or hide their cellulite because of embarrassment of being seen? I am so proud to say that I have had multiple positive comments from people (including children) who witness Yinz Bopo in action! I truly believe we are changing things by just existing together in spaces!

You can read about past Yinz Bopo meet-ups and see photos here and here.

Yinz Bopo

Do you want to attend a meet-up or event?

Sign up for the newsletter: this is the only way to know about all events. Some events are only shared within the newsletter for either privacy issues or size of venue. We also have Facebook group, if you are body positive feel free to join!

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Body Positive meet-ups & events in Pittsburgh

Do you want to sponsor or contribute to an event large or small?

Email me! I am interested in food vendors, event spaces, indoor pools, clothing sponsors, fashion shows, and more!

Yinz Bopo

Want to photograph us?

Want to photograph us at an event or a photo shoot specifically? Email me: hello @ JamieJeTaime.com to pitch your idea (if applicable) and a link to your portfolio.

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Much love to you!



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