Hey everyone!

Have you ever straight up pined over an article of clothing that you seen in an old photograph or movie? I have and still do. Obsessing over clothing is an affliction I have had since I was a child. I love the search and sometimes I think I will never find what I am looking for, but I keep up hope. One of the items I have obsessed about having has been vintage high-waisted plaid pants. I have been hunting for a pair since I was 14! Vintage pants are tricky if not nearly impossible for me to find to fit my curves. My hunt is over. Seriously. I never thought I’d get exactly what I have been pining over!

Pinup Girl Clothing recently gifted me items so I could share images with you: A dress, bikini, leopard print crop top, and the magnificent vintage plaid high waist reproduction trousers of my dreams.  If you are new to Pinup Girl clothing, you should know that the clothing is available in sizes XS-4X and made in the USA.

My initial impression is that the items are very high quality.  The designs feel like they were made for my curves. These clothes fit like a glove on my curvy body. I’m being totally serious. Quality and taste of these standards are not often available in plus sizes. Their motto is “Couture for every body!”

First I’ll start with the pink Pinup Couture Erin Wiggle dress:


This vintage styled body conscious dress fits so well it honestly feels like I had it custom-made. So perfect. They sell this in multiple colors. I chose pink, because well, I have pink hair. Now I have a desire for this dress come out with a floral design!


If you want to see the dress “wiggle” in action watch this:


Next I’ll share with you the Varla Yellow Palm Springs Print bikini:


How cute is this? The colors are so dreamy! Now I need to go back to Palm Springs! There are more prints to choose from if you are more of an animal print or cherry type of bathing beauty.


For the grand finale: The Joanna Crop Top in Leopard Crepe and the Laura Byrnes California Wide Leg Trousers in Green and Tan Plaid aka dream pants come to life. I chose the leopard print crop top, because I just really feel like it drives the look home. People have commented that this look is a bit like a character in a John Water’s film. This isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last time that I receive a comment of that nature. That is always ok with me because Divine has been my body positive fashion inspiration since I was a teenager.



IMG_8502 IMG_8501

IMG_8507 IMG_8493

If you want to see how the pants move:


What is your favorite era of fashion?  Mine is actually late 1960s-early 1980s. I think I am influenced from the photos of my family’s styles from before I was born.