The Day the World Turned DayGlo

//The Day the World Turned DayGlo

The Day the World Turned DayGlo

DayGlo Corporation held a photo contest for the most DayGlo inspired photo. Of course I was instantly inspired by a favorite song “The Day The World Turned DayGlo” by X-Ray Spex.

I took this as an invitation to experiment with DayGlo inspired pigments in fashion. I tried to imagine what I would wear if the world turned DayGlo. I knew I wouldn’t be wearing primarily activewear that are so common in DayGlo pigments.  I decided to play with a classic style, but amped up. In this DayGlo inspired world, my dog dog-daughter familiar, Frannie, is also glammed up.

From top to bottom on me:
Scarf: Vintage
Glasses: Zenni Optical
Shirt: HM
Skirt: F21+
Feather Boa: Vintage
Fran’s shirt: Petsmart
Suitcases: Vintage

P.S. I won the contest!!!

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