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It’s almost swimsuit season in the northern hemisphere and I plan to be prepared! Last summer I shared a ton of swimsuit photos on my Instagram and I had many people asking me questions about fit! Each body is different and has its own set of unique fitting needs, so I hope to do my small part to help you in the fitting process.  I  want you to feel comfortable with yourself whatever your style and to embrace the body you have right now! Please get rid of those the outmoded conventions that dictate what a person should wear because of size, gender or age. We all deserve better than that. We deserve the right to love ourselves and showcase it in any way we want!

ModCloth sent me eight swimsuits of my choice to wear this summer, so I’m going to review them in installments (maybe I will do a try-on haul video too!).  Ideally I would have all the swimsuits in one post, but I am too excited to not share the first one. I also tried on a few sizes of each swimsuit to ensure the best fit and I will share that with you too. [Edited to add links to Part 2 and Part 3 of the the ModCloth Swimsuit review series.]


ModCloth Swimsuit

My measurements for reference:

Height: 5’10” with a long torso.
Bust: 43″  (usually about a 36G bra sizes depending on brand and cut)
Waist: 38″
Hips: 49″

When shopping for clothing, I have to accommodate for the fact that I have a long torso and that my waist is smaller than my hips. Sometimes swimsuits with higher waists will be loose around the waist, so I size down to fit my body.

What am I wearing? The Waterfront Flaunt in Fans two piece from ModCloth. This is from ModCloth’s own High Dive Collection. It is available in sizes XS – 4X.  I am wearing a 1X in the top and the bottom.

The bikini top:  I tried on an XL in the top, but the cups were too small for me.  The 1X fit perfectly! The top band and straps are adjustable.  I am wearing the band on the tightest adjustment, so if your rib cage is a bit bigger than mine this size would work too. The top has fantastic support and has optional removable foam cups.  The swimsuit has multiple strap options: halter, shoulder straps, both, or strapless! I find shoulder straps most comfortable for me.

The bottoms: The 2X was slightly loose at the narrowest part of my waist, so I opted for the 1x. I could have worn either size though.

Why did I choose this suit? Because of the retro print and colors!

Impression: VERY HAPPY with this suit. It stays in place and looks amazing!

ModCloth Swimsuit

ModCloth Swimsuit ModCloth Swimsuit

Pictured below are images from the ModCloth website of the other swimsuits I chose. I will photograph each one and post images and reviews. Including how I found one-pieces that accommodated my long torso! [Edited to add links to Part 2 and Part 3 of the ModCloth swimsuit review series.]

What are your concerns in finding a swimsuit that fits your shape or style? What do you want to see more of?

As always feel free to use #FashionIsMagic on Instagram to share with me what you are wearing!

***A special thanks to my partner, Kevin, for photographing me everyday & to ModCloth for supporting body positivity through great fashion at a variety of sizes.