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How I Dressed Like a Detective and Found My Grandfather

Dress for the job you want.

Well, I always had a secret dream of being a detective. Solving puzzles calms me.  Trench coats and suits have long been staples in my wardrobe. The only things I am missing is an office that reeks of stale cigarettes, old rust colored shag carpet and a creaky office chair (ok maybe I don’t need everything).

Throughout my entire adult life I have been looking for my biological paternal grandfather. My father never met him. My paternal grandma never mentioned him. I had zilch to go on. Not a name, city, hair color or age. I felt even more compelled to find him after my father passed away less than ten years ago.  To be honest, I never knew what I’d do when and if I found him. Would I introduce myself or just rest in the comfort of knowing I cracked the case?

I submitted my DNA to multiple sites that connect you with DNA “family” matches.

After my info collecting virtual dust on the DNA sites, I matched with a mysterious man who had enough DNA to be a great uncle. I contacted him on the site. We had no known relatives in common. I messaged him that the DNA looks like he could be my great uncle, but left it at that.  DNA is DNA and that is evidence enough, but I didn’t want to come on too strong or accusatory. After-all, why do i want to connect with him in the first place? My father always told me to know my point. My reasoning. Get the facts.

And I dressed for the mission.

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I began to dress like a professional detective. I wore coordinating suits and trench coats.  Glasses for intelligence. Sunglasses for mystery.  The vibe was strong, I even made it into a Yahoo Style article by Margie Ashcroft titled: “9 chic plus-size looks inspired by fashion month trends.” The universe knew I was on a mission.

Plus Size Detective

Newspaper props are a detective’s best friend.
Glasses: Coastal
( Code JAMIEJETAIME for 30% frames & lenses. )
Shirt & Pants: ELOQUII
Duster trench: Fashion Nova Curve
Shoes: Vintage

While dressed in head to toe detective gear I solved a DNA mystery that wasn’t as dear to me.

I was contacted on another DNA site by a stranger, a genetic 2nd cousin from my maternal side. She told me she was adopted as baby and asked if I could find her biological parents. I cracked that case within two weeks and it is a happy ending, because both sides wanted to connect. I welcomed my new cousin to the family with the private cell phone number of her biological mom and well wishes from her biological maternal grandma.


You can’t be a detective without a proper payphone!
Jewelry by Quirksmith.

Helping someone else connect with their biological relatives felt like a positive omen and gave me the nudge I needed to send photos of my father as a child to my mystery great-uncle.

He replied with photos of him and his family (including my biological grandfather). The resemblance was uncanny. He looked very much like my father. It turns out my biological grandfather is still alive and lives about 5 hours away. Another case cracked. But I don’t think he wants anything to do with me. So I’m not sure how to dress for the job of granddaughter to this man I never met. That is what I want. I want to meet him.


Solving Mysteries

I ask myself, what is my point?

In this case, I think curiosity suffices. I dream of meeting him for coffee so I can see if he laughs like my dad or has a keen interest in history like him, or perhaps I can see myself or my brothers in him.

Plus Size Trench coat

Trench Coat and Jeans from Universal Standard


Plus Size Duster

Lots of clues in Pittsburgh. You can see me wear a silver version of this ELOQUII turtleneck here.

Next on Jamie JeTaime: “How I dressed for the job of granddaughter to the biological paternal grandfather I never met and succeeded.” errrr I hope.

Detective Style Roundup:

Do you have a mystery to solve? Do you like to look chic with a touch of don’t mess with me I’m busy? Here are detective essentials that I have and wear and can definitely vouch for!








Jackets that will keep you mysterious and looking chic AF:


Pants that mean business:

Kady Fit Plaid Pant

Both are the Kady Fit Plaid Pant from ELOQUII.

Kady Fit Plaid Pant


If you want to see more photos of me wearing the items (I wear each item featured here a lot!), check out my Instagram.

I hope if you are trying to solve a mystery close to your heart that you crack the case in style and your heart doesn’t become too heavy in the process.



xo Jamie


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