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I believe in the transformative power of fashion. I believe that all bodies are good bodies and that fashion should be representative of us all.

Jamie JeTaime Plus Size Blogger

Who am I?

Jamie Hamilton aka Jamie JeTaime

I am in my 30s and live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) with my best friend, partner & photographer, Kevin. We have three cats and a dog (all rescues). Originally from a working-class family in the middle of nowhere, I studied art in three countries.  I have a penchant for fashion editorials and a deep desire for fashion to become more inclusive and a reflection of all of us.

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    • Hey yinz! We had our first body positive Pittsburgh pool
      3 days ago by jamie_jetaime Hey yinz! We had our first body positive Pittsburgh pool meet-up last week!! ✨It’s all on the blog.✨ And you know what happened?? Not only did I make new friends & have a blast, I received the BEST DM in reply to my IG story at the pool meet-up: “Omg, I saw you all at the pool today! My daughters were like… those girls are a bunch of babes.” Hit me right in the feels. . Want to go to the next meet-up? We will meet at Sandcastle waterpark in a few weeks. Sign up for info on my blog.
    • Its all in the details right? Im screaming over the
      6 days ago by jamie_jetaime It’s all in the details, right? I’m screaming over the cut & buckles on this  @universalstandard  overall dress. ✨Swipe right!✨ I paired it with a transparent grey Fog shirt & a Loire tank (both from Universal Standard). I have a few Fog tops & US tanks bc they pair with everything! I love that this entire ensemble is comfortable, easy to wear, and looks both classic & fashion forward. . I’m going to wear this overall dress to an event tonight. If you see me, you can check out the shiny hardware in person. . Shirts & dress from Universal
    • I have been singing the praises of WacoalAmerica for years
      1 week ago by jamie_jetaime I have been singing the praises of  @WacoalAmerica  for years.  #ad  This Halo Lace bra is my tried and true everyday bra! I love that it is unlined and comfortable. Plus, it available in fun colors. * Link in bio * About 4 years ago, I had my first complimentary bra fitting from a Wacoal trained specialist. Before that all of my bras gave me the breast spillage over top (you know what I mean!) and I constantly had to adjust my bra! I wholeheartedly suggest a proper fitting, they are complimentary and transformative. Now that I have the proper
    • Do you have any vacations planned? I dont thats why
      7 days ago by jamie_jetaime Do you have any vacations planned? I don’t... that’s why I am sitting without a lounge chair in this gritty city wearing my best cabana style. . Earrings:  @jocelynmcknz  Fit:  @asos  Bag:  @universalstandard  Shoes:  @targetstyle  .  #asseenonme   #ihavethisthingwithcolor   #universalstandard   #nowyoucan 
    • Id like to share with you my wacoalamerica bras of
      1 week ago by jamie_jetaime I’d like to share with you my  @wacoalamerica  bras of the summer! ✨Swipe right✨  #ad  Here’s the thing, I have worn Wacoal for years. In each and every strapless dress photo I posted on IG, I was wearing Wacoal. Under all of my sheer shirts I posted on IG, I am wearing a Wacoal Halo Lace bra. I swear by these bras! Wacoal has been the foundation of my wardrobe for years (they have A-I cup!). Let me talk about the bras in the photos one by one! There is a link in bio too. . •Perfect Primer T-Shirt bra:
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