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Happy New Year from our Midcentury Ranch Home

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! It’s been a MINUTE. 2020 was wild and scary and uncertain. I lost a family member and because of covid couldn’t attend the funeral across the county. I feel like too many of us experienced this or worse. I had uncertainty of money, and questioned where I lived. On top of it, my computer was barely working and it made each work day about a zillion times longer. Ever try to edit a photo in the RAW using a majorly outdated and overloaded system??? Yeah I screamed at it daily. My website went to shit. My blog became non existant, but not all was a loss. I rode out 2020 in our Midcentury ranch home.

Optimism For Real

I am so optimistic for 2021. The VACCINE yinz! Like this is wild. MY NEW COMPUTER. Personally I am up for a few major neurological surgeries, potential relocation, studying UI Design, a proper professional haircut and color (i went back to natural brown and a cut that needs no upkeep – i’m sick of it), and more. All give me an optimism I didn’t feel in 2020.

We relocated to Tucson (Arizona) in Spring 2019. We never planned to stay here forever. It’s a great place, but I’m excited to move on. I really miss a more walkable city and Yinz Bopo. Not that we will necessarily relocate back to Pittsburgh. We bought a midcentury ranch with modernist overtones and I adore this home. I wish I could bring this home with me when we move. I’ve become invested in the restoration of the home and finding period appropriate furnishings.

I discovered some positive moments of 2020:

  • We finally majorly leveled up our photo skills  (creatives will understand this feeling of leveling up!)
  • I created an anti-diet anti-cooking cooking show COOKING AND HATING IT. It was funny. Don’t watch if you don’t like swear words. My attempt at pure quarantine entertainment.
  • I meditated on what I wanted out of life
  • Some great jobs were still had – I create content for brands. One was Nike (the only time I updated this blog in 2020)!
  • I became a quasi-expert in midcentury interior design
  • I designed and we created a pink bathroom (yep pink tile and everything)
  • We collected a few mcm designer pieces for the home.
  • I am in a fashion book: Closet Cases: Queers on What We Wear
  • I was still featured in InStyle for NYFW even though I didn’t go to New York Fashion Week
  • My Christmas tree design was featured in Atomic Ranch magazine
  • I was diagnosed with Fourth Nerve Palsy. This is great news as it affects my vision and wow all i needed were prism lenses.
  • Iggy Pop quarantined with us for the holidays. Yes, him.
  • I found a place locally that sells deadstock glasses frames from the 1970s. Kevin and I are both wearing them in photos.
  • Spending lots of quality time with Kevin and the pets.

What does this have to do with fashion?! Well honestly, I feel to keep growing as a creative you need to find inspiration outside the fashion world. Now I’m back and so excited to for what’s to come.

As for now HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I wanted to make our NYE very special since it was just going to be Kevin and I at home. After recently learning that party hats from the midcentury were often taller with fringe, I made some using materials we had at home. Putting my sculpture degree to use. lol It’s the start of a new tradition! I can already tell next year’s hat will be more extra.

I wish the best for you in 2021. Thanks for being so dang cool all these years.

xoxo Jamie

MIdcentury Party Hats

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