Thank you so much for the love on my last entry on being a fat 30 something weirdo! I pretty much break clothing rule lists made for people over 30 or plus-size daily just by existing loudly. I’m so happy to connect with others who do too.

Now onto rompers or jumpers…

Whatever you call them, this is the year for rompers/jumpers!  Rompers have been popular for at least seven years. But this season, the selections are SO much better. I considered sharing photos of my past rompers, but they are COMPLETE SNORES compared to my new ones. In past seasons I was excited about rompers for romper’s sake, not because they were amazing rompers. Now I have some rompers that I truly get excited to wear. These all happen to be under $35 and they are all still available for sale at the time of this post.

This is my first romper of the season.  LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS!  It’s from the Victoria Beckham for Target collection.


Orange Scallop Tie Waist Romper – Victoria Beckham for Target

This isn’t the way the romper is advertised to fit. It is supposed to fit much looser. It looks great looser, but I had a certain look in mind! Plus I’m tall with the torso length of a giant so it’s bound to fit differently. It is ok to experiment outside of your normal size range. You can create a totally different look by going up or down a size or two or ten.

I loved the orange scallop romper so much I bought another Victoria Beckham for Target romper. This time I went up one size from the previous one, because I wanted a completely different look than my solid orange one. See, still cute!


Retro Floral Tie Waist Romper – Victoria Beckham for Target

I was so content with my other rompers that I wanted to have a casual romper. One that I could wear roller skating at a roller rink in the 1970s. (Ok, I do NOT roller skate and wasn’t even alive in the 1970s, but I like the fashions). This one is also from Target. I wore it hiking. Also the sun was in my eyes, I don’t normally have such a stinky look on my face (I honestly thought my eyes were wide open when Kevin took this photo)!


Leisure Romper Red White and Blue – Mossimo Supply Co.™

As you can see with this romper, my thighs eat up shorts. I used to hate this! But now I think my thick thighs are pretty magnificent and if they are hungry for shorts, well who can blame them?

I was recently in Los Angeles for the Xehar Curvy press event. I had rompers on my mind, so I decided to wear this lovely Xehar Curvy Madeline romper. I love the long sleeves with this romper. I think it will also look great paired with a vintage 1970s gold belt and platform gold heels. I have the belt, I just need the gold platforms.

Embed from Getty Images

I love rompers for the same reason I love dresses… it makes creating a pulled together look very simple. I think dresses are even easier to wear, but rompers are way more fun.


Orange Scallop Tie Waist Romper – Victoria Beckham for Target

I’m not going to try to sell you on rompers. They aren’t for everyone. They are trickier than average for an able-bodied person to fasten in the back, especially if they aren’t stretchy.  I generally ask for help fastening the back, when I leave a public bathroom. It’s a nice way to make friends or look like a creep, depending on your approach. I prefer to ask someone I already know.


Retro Floral Tie Waist Romper – Victoria Beckham for Target

Clothing fits me differently than many others and that is completely fine! Remember each body is different and rompers will fit differently from one person to the next. There is nothing wrong with this. No body shape is better than another.


Leisure Romper Red White and Blue – Mossimo Supply Co.™

If  you haven’t tried rompers, because you hate them. Fine. But if you like the way rompers look, but are under the impression you will look horrible in them, please think again.  Try not to believe in those self-imposed limitations.  You may or may not like it.

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Since this is the summer of rompers, please feel free to leave a romper-centric link in the comments! It can be a blog entry, a photo of you in a blog, or one that you want!

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