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Body Positive Pittsburgh

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Hi yinz!

I would like to introduce you to Body Positive Pittsburgh (*unofficial name until we come up with something clever like Yinz BoPo or whatever). ***We went with Yinz Bopo, click here to read all about how to join our group!*** Many other cities have body positive, fat positive and plus size events and I am constantly cursing my finances because I cannot travel to attend them all (specifically the pool and fashion events). I asked on my Instagram if anyone was interested in having meet-ups. Because of the interest I have decided to organize a series of meet-ups in the summer of 2018. Ideally I will organize a larger event with rented spaces and special guests, because I know many people from outside of Pittsburgh are willing to travel for it. If anyone would like to help with this contact me!  But until then, I like to keep these meet-ups low key and personable. They are a great way to make friends, acquaintances and just have fun. We had our first meet-up at Dormont Pool and will soon have a Sandcastle waterpark meet-up, read on to learn more.

Group photos by Michele Kranik. I would like to thank her, because without her we wouldn’t have a group photo!

Name ideas for the body positive Pittsburgh meet-ups? I’m drawing a blank. None of these are clever.


Before we get to the photos and an introduction to some of Body Positive Pittsburgh, we are having a Sandcastle waterpark meet-up soon!  Feel free to join us! If you want to come to this or any other body positive Pittsburgh event sign-up for the event mailing list below. This is completely separate to my blog email and only focus on local Pittsburgh events:

Body Positive Pittsburgh

Group photos by Michele Kranik.

Body Positive Pittsburgh at Dormont Pool!

We had our first meet up June 16th at a large historic pool in Dormont.  Such a successful event! Look at those smiles.  My only regret is not bring a waterproof camera.

I’d like to share with you a direct message I received on Instagram after I shared images to my stories:

Omg, I saw you all at the pool today! My daughters were like… those girls are a bunch of babes.

This was from Amanda who was at the Dormont pool on the same day with her daughters. I’m not crying, you are! Reaching the youngest generation just by existing really gets me in the feels! So you know who I invited to the next event?  Amanda and her daughters. We create a positive impact for others who witness marginalized bodies doing things and having fun.

Below are a few snapshots from our day at Dormont by Michele Kranik, Nicole Rieder, Erin Simoneaux, and myself:

Omg, I saw you all at the pool today! My daughters were like… those girls are a bunch of babes.

-Amanda remarking on witnessing our group at Dormont Pool.

I’d like to introduce you to some of the babes that attended the first Body Positive Pittsburgh meet-up.  I asked anyone who attended to expound upon body positivity by offering them these points of reference: Word of advice to anyone who wants to be more positive. OR what does body positivity mean to you? I also asked them to briefly introduce themselves.  Read their words, check out their photos and connect with them. You can also read my 10 steps to body positivity here.

Yesenia Guadalupe
IG: @myxxfly
FB: @myxxfly
TW: @myxxfly
Patreon: @myxxfly

In my journey, body positivity has meant embracing and celebrating the body I am navigating this life with. When bodies are concerned the focus is often what we don’t like or what we can change. When I shifted my focus to loving my perfectly imperfect body, I was able to honor this gift of LIVING.

I am a first generation Nicaraguan-American writer and educator. My writing is a form of anecdotal story-telling, some of which I share on my blog. I’ve been a blogger for two years and focus on body positivity, sustainable style, and mental health for the double-x fly.

IG:  @jenisforlove
TW: @jenisforlove

Body positivity means celebrating and appreciating your body as it is, in any given moment.  It is knowing that no one is perfect, and that our imperfections are what make us uniquely beautiful.  To become more positive about your body, I would recommend following people who are body positive on social media because they are so inspiring to behold and very encouraging!  Also, catch the negative things you say to yourself about your body and replace them with something you can appreciate about it as often as possible.  Do the same for your friends!

I am an artist who has recently graduated with her MFA.  I like to work in drawing, collage, and performance.  I am currently illustrating a coloring book and working on content for a YouTube channel that promotes mindfulness and strategies for better mental health.


IG: @kaylamaenot

For me body positivity, at its core, is simply allowing all bodies to exist without judgement.  It really is as simple is recognizing other’s autonomy, and respecting it.

Just a county girl, with a love for vintage aesthetic and cats, sharing her body positive journey with the world.

Sarah Ayn

IG: @_ccupsarah_

Jump in head first, and don’t look back. (But, also, please do your research. Body positivity isn’t a new concept brought about by hashtags)

I’m a queer, fat, wife, and foster mom who is taking life one pair of leggings at a time.

Check out Simply Be for cute swimsuits!

Email me if you want to collaborate on any events or want to get involved.

Huge thank you to everyone who attended (Michele, Erin, Jen, Kayla, Yesenia, Tiffini, Nicole, Sarah, Carmen, & Kari), it really was a great group. Thank you to all who allowed me to use your photos (Nicole, Michele, & Erin). Thank you to all who participated in this feature (Yesenia, Kayla, Jen & Sarah). And thank you in advance to all the cool bopo folks I’ll eventually meet. Thank you to Amanda for sending me that dm! Thank you to Dormont for having such a huge historical pool and great environment. Thank you to Tiffini for helping me blow up & deflate the pool floats. Yinz are amazing. xox jamie

Feel free to join mailing list above or contact me if you want to join or have any questions!

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