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Welcome to my blog Jamie JeTaime where I discuss plus size clothing, body positivity, the importance of self expression and share personal details of my life. Enjoy!

xo Jamie

People have commented that this look is a bit like a character in a John Water's film. This isn't the first time and it won't be the last time that I receive a comment of that nature. That is always ok with me because Divine has been my body positive fashion inspiration since I was a teenager.

It took me a long time to not only accept my cellulite, but to embrace it. I am making up for lost time and actively looking for short shorts. And maybe, just maybe someone out there would see my thick rippled thighs walking down the street and be inspired to do the same.

I feel showcasing the body in various angles is super important and I want us all begin to make peace with our bodies from each vantage point. I have a gut and a butt and this is important to spell out when I am discussing how an item fits. Plus it is powerful for women/femmes to be comfortable in their skin.

Please get rid of those the outmoded conventions that dictate what a person should wear because of size, gender or age. We all deserve better than that. We deserve the right to love ourselves and showcase it in anyway we want!

A bit 70s album cover mixed with a raiding of a church play costume bin. I think many of us who weren't raised with money (I wasn't) feel that they cannot literally afford props in photos.

This is a photoshoot from January 2017 that I worked on with Kevin. It tells the story of a tall chubby glamazon who is at home with her audience of trees [...]

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a long time fan of ModCloth. I adore vintage inspired contemporary clothing that is made well. Most, if not all, of Modcloth's house brand comes in sizes XXS-4S. Their clothing fits me impeccably too. When I heard ModCloth IRL was coming to wear it all began (ModCloth started in Pittsburgh), I was excited!

Seeking out new experiences and dressing the part is all part of living Fashion is Magic. Living life purposefully can lead to magical feelings and experiences.

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