I’m Jamie Hamilton aka Jamie JeTaime and a body positive plus size style maven. I embrace the powerful transformative qualities of style. Too often we are treated that we are too much. Too large. Too small. Too loud. Too shy. Too flamboyant. Too modest. Too everything. Many of us start to believe we are too much and not enough at the same time. I created this because I truly believe in the transformative power of fashion. I am a body-positive curvy femme who loves to travel and dress-up. I do this for the ladies, femmes and anyone else that can relate.

Follow me as I share both trends and vintage styling, high brow and low brow, try new things and break a lot of fashion rules along the way! I will help you see how clothing fits and inject my quirky humor along the way. I want to you to laugh with me as I tackle serious and not so serious aspects of style and beauty.  I don’t believe in physical flaws. I wholeheartedly eschew fashion entrapments that try to dictate the way a person should dress or act because of size or age.